Florida Homosexual Man kills himself over Obama re-election

Hello Everyone,
Don’t call me a twitter or Facebook junkie, but I had to post this appalling story I read today.

Based on the information I’ve read, an elderly Florida homosexual man killed himself because of the re-election of president Barack Obama. Reports mention that he was elderly but I’m not sure how to define the word “elderly”. Henry Hamilton owner of Tropical Tan, was 64 years young, resided in Key West, Florida where he ran his business. His life partner had concerns for health and told authorities he was stressed because of his business on the break of failure.

Michael Cossey, Hamilton’s life partner, told authorities that Hamilton told him that “if Obama gets re-elected, I’m not going to be around”. He was found dead on November 8, by his life partner with the words “F**CK OBAMA” scribbled on his will next to 2 empty prescription bottles of Xanax and Seroquel.
The story was reported in the Miami Herald.

Click here to read the full report.

No need for my opinion on this story, however I would like to tell everyone that mental illness is a serious matter and it should always be taken seriously. It’s really not a joke!




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