Are Cyber Monday “Deals” Really “Deals”

Happy Sunday Everyone!

As Cyber Monday approaches everyone is looking for the perfect deal, and the best bargains. Well today I’m going to give you some insight into the Cyber Monday deals.

I don’t normally shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday but I do most of my holiday shopping online, but I never really got into the craze. So I’m sure I can inform you a little about these so-called deals.

So most of deals on electronics save you on average about $50 any deal better than that will have a small catch to it. Usually the retailers will stipulate it after you click the item and it to your cart. But here’s the catch, you can only get the “special price” if you buy another item with it and its usually a certain item that they choose for you.

Most of the time it goes hand in hand with the item. For example, the deal may offer you 25% off a game console but they want you to buy an extra controller or a specific game. Now in sales we would call that an up-sale or a two in one sale. Great for the business and possibly bad for the consumer.

It’s possibly bad for the consumer because you may not need that extra controller, or you may not want that particular game, so you have to decide if you should get that extra item for the sale or leave the deal at the table and only buy what you need. The purpose of the those types of sales, is to make you buy something that you don’t need and to make you buy what you really need.

I usually see these sales with game consoles and televisions. Game consoles are the best because the most popular game is not in the deal, and since you have the buy the game in the deal, in the end you buy what you need plus something extra. The store really got a little extra from you and they made up for the deal they offered. It’s the best sales trick in the book!

Another thing to pay careful attention to, is the end date of the sale. Most of the deals don’t expire that day, they are usually extended until after Christmas or right before. They must tell you the details of the deal. Then again there is a trick to that also. Often times they will say “while supplies last” which usually means, whenever they choose to end the sale. Don’t get upset because the sale will come back before the holidays and may even come back better than before.

Something else to look for is the “buy something and get a free gift card” deal. Of course you have to buy a certain item to get the gift card but from what I’ve seen, it is the best deal out there. However, that average savings is about the same, usually about $50. The good thing is you can get two gifts at one time. Buy what you need, then get a gift card and use it for another gift. Perfect for me and the retailers, because the money stays within the company and its one less gift i have to shop for.

There may be another catch. The gift card may not be activated immediately or it can only be used at a certain time. I’ve experienced those deals before. Not much of a bad thing besides, not being able to use it during the sales period. But hey you still get a little something extra.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are just expressions used to cause a huge sales rush and I have to admit, it works pretty good.

So if you need to buy it on that day, then buy it, but don’t think that you will miss out on the deal if you don’t buy it for Cyber Monday.

You decide!
Happy Shopping!



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