Racism or Raised-cism? Find out the Meaning…

Racism is a very touchy subject but it is a conversation that everyone should talk about. I feel that hiding is not healing, talking it out is the best way to get through it.

So I want to talk about it. Of course!

The title of this post may seem weird but I think it describes some of the things we experience in this world.

We know the standard definition of racism is

hatred or intolerance of another race or other races


It doesn’t get more simple than that! A more different way to define it could be:

a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others


Both definitions idea are same to me but are a little different. When finding the different ways to define the word, I notice from the two that the word “hatred” was only used in one definition and not the other.

So I asked myself “can I describe a person with one definition and not the other while using the same word?” When thinking about it, you actually can!

Weird you say?

So I came up with another word I think best suits the second definition and I came up with “Raised-cism”.

No it’s not a word but I think it will be and yes it sound weird but soon it will not, and here’s why.

I think “Raised-cism” is inherited thoughts and “Racism” is hatred. You don’t have to agree hear me out.

Families have a huge impact on children and thoughts and ideas are instilled in children from all family members that the child may come in contact with. Raising a child on the thought that certain things they are supposed to have is really serious. Well I think about that statement when thinking of “Raised-cism”. Some children may be raised by their parents but some influences might come from other family members a and or friends. Even though those parents raised that child, others that have a significant of spent with the child plays a part in raising the child.

What do I mean you ask?

For example, a child hears a racial slur over and over outside their home but doesn’t understand it. So they question their parents with “what does that mean” or what is a *****”. Now the parents are forced to explain to the child the meaning or even a simple explanation that the word is “bad” and shouldn’t be repeated. Now the child is curious to know why the word is bad and may even ask someone else if they hear it again. Most likely they will ask the person they heard say it. Even though the parent has warned the child about the bad word, they may repeat it elsewhere. We can’t really protect our children from what they hear or understand.

That same child may grow up using that same racial slur without thinking that the source they’ve heard it from was ignorant in using it or even purposely using behind hatred. That child wasn’t taught to hate other races or even to use racial slurs but because they heard it, they just might use it without knowing the seriousness of it. Now it becomes a habit as they grow up.

In my opinion, that is not racism and that child as an adult is not a racist. I call it “Raised-cism”.

Racism on the other hand is hatred, and hatred can be taught. So now you have generations of racism and until someone in the next generation stop the cycle and choose not to live by those ignorant thoughts or principles. As the world evolve, generations have moved away from those thoughts, some have not.

So realistically I don’t think racism will ever go away however we can move to a better place and that small amount of ignorance will not have any affect on our society.

Tell me your thoughts! Lets talk about it, I’m willing.

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I'm 27 from Houston Texas and I don't ride horses. My first book published October 2012. I write to inspire and uplift others. I love to write my thoughts and read the thoughts of others! Send me reads. My book can be purchased online at www.therealverdict.com, read it and tell me what you think!
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3 Responses to Racism or Raised-cism? Find out the Meaning…

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