New Year! Time For Reflection! New Goals? Old Goals?

With only less than 48 hours remaining in 2012, and we prepare for the new year, what will you do next year? I ask myself this question every year, to prepare myself to accomplish a new set of goals.
Every new year I hear everyone’s talks of changes they will make and different people and things they will remove from their lives, but how long does it really last. Maybe a month or two, some even a week!
Yes I’ve seen changes from some people only last a week. I myself, has fed into to the “new year trend” of making a list of changes and people that I will remove from my life in different areas. I must say it was much easier said than done.

I’ve made many changes in 2012 for the better. The biggest change I’ve made, I must say, would have to be focusing on being a better person and striving to live a positive life.
The change was hard to make because it wasn’t something I’ve always strived to do. Of course

I’ve always strived to live a positive life but striving to do it and actually doing it, paints a whole new picture. Once I began to paint that picture of how I wanted my life, things became more clearer. All those life changing things I set to accomplish the previous years, began to take shape.

I didn’t focus so much on removing the negative from my life, but living my life in the most positive way. The more I started to focus on the positive, the negative began to fall off, like melting butter.

I’m still focusing on the right things and I’ve now realized that this lifestyle in not one that can be achieved in a year. So in order for me to continue this path, I have to keep working on it. This is one goal I can say I did not achieve in 2012 but I did learn that it’s a lifetime achievement.

So for 2013, I can say, there will not be any changes for me however, I will continue my path of living a positive life and achieving those lifetime goals.

What goals will you continue to strive to accomplish that we’re carried over from the previous years?

I wish everyone a great prosperous New Year!!!



About nenesw

I'm 27 from Houston Texas and I don't ride horses. My first book published October 2012. I write to inspire and uplift others. I love to write my thoughts and read the thoughts of others! Send me reads. My book can be purchased online at, read it and tell me what you think!
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