Abortion? Is It Your Choice or Someone Else’s Choice?




I was recently watching a 20/20 special on WETV and the topic was “Babies having Babies”. It documented teens having kids in high school. The different dynamics of the relationships and the different ways to prevent teen pregnancy.

This piece wasn’t recent, it first aired in 2005. I’m sure some people may have heard of or even watched the show “16 and Pregnant” that airs on MTV. Well the 20/20 special I watched was directed the same way. The interesting part of the show, was the sex education classes shown as an example of what students learn in school. The special compared two classes, a class in Michigan and a class in Texas. The two states are opposite in many ways and one way is the sex education classes given. The students in a Michigan high school takes extremely detailed sex education classes and the Texas high school takes basic sex education.

The difference between the two are completely opposite. Texas schools teaches abstinence and the Michigan schools teach students what to do when having sex and how to prevent pregnancies during sex. I feel both classes were appropriate for the age of the students. My problem with the Texas class was the teaching of abstinence. The idea is good and should be taught to everyone, however the portion of the class that was shown looked like “scared straight” for sex. The bulk of the class was about STD’s. Honestly, not everyone contracts a STD every time they have sex, although it is very possible. But, telling a high school student ” don’t have sex or you will get a STD” is very ineffective when you don’t tell them how to prevent it, in the event that they do have sex. The reality of our world and several generations, is that teens do have sex. Sexually active teens should know what to expect and how to avoid it all of it.

Of course this was not a topic in the Texas classroom and that explanation is simple for me because I’m from Texas and politically my home state is pro-life and the best way to prevent pregnancies is abstinence. Although, it may sound good, it’s not reality. Ironically Texas is number 3 in high teen pregnancy rates compared to all other states.

Abortion came up in the piece and the Texas student said she considered it and even asked her mom. Her mom was completely against it and told her she would have to ‘suck it up and have the baby.’ Another student said she considered it but instead opted for adoption and after giving birth changed her mind. Months later she changed her mind again and went through with the adoption, her parents were very upset about her choice. I don’t have a problem with these parents telling their children what to. They decide what should be done with their children. However, some adults feel that they can tell a child and another adult female that she should not have an abortion.

A clip of a teen going to an abortion clinic and had to pass through a mob of protestors was shown in the program also. It was very scary and disrespectful of that child and her parent that made their decision to do whatever it was they chose to do.

Most teens these days fear judgement, and they avoid talking about sensitive subject because of judgement and sex is one of the main topics they avoid. I think that defeats the purpose of avoiding teen pregnancy because after the teen has engaged in sexual activities, they’re ashamed to tell anyone in fear of judgement, then they become that teen parent.

If the judgement wasn’t there and the information about sex was discussed with that teen, then maybe they would have prevented pregnancy based solely on knowledge. Teen pregnancy could be avoided but it will never stop. We should do as much as we can to prevent it but we must also be realistic about our life and times.

Being a women I hate the fact that someone can actually tell me what to do with my body because I have few more tools than men. The entire thought is crazy to me and shouldn’t be discussed. But since the issue has been shoved into politics, then I should say something and say it loud and clear.
Abortion is something that can only be done to a woman. Men can’t even experience this and will never come close. So all men should stop commenting and giving their opinions about it. Or even trying to make it a political issue. Ironically I’ve really only seen men in politics give their opinions on the subject.
The only exception to men giving their opinions, is if they have an underage daughter. Their daughter, their choice, their family. So the issue would only be personal does not involve every woman in the world. Your child’s business is yours and theirs. Plain and simple.
So if you are a man then you don’t have an opinion on this subject. To put it in more simple terms, “SHUT UP” about it. The nerve of some men to even fix their mouth to tell me how my body works and what I should do with it. It makes me sick to my stomach. Political officials have made many comments on the issue and have really shown their ignorance about the female body.
Congressman Todd Akin gave his explanation on how the female body works,

‘First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.’

He somehow felt that comment was necessary in response to a question he was asked about abortions and giving exceptions to the abortion laws he proposed. He later realized that the comment was stupid and insensitive so he released another statement another statement apologizing.

‘I made that statement in error. Rape is never legitimate. It is an evil act. I used the wrong words in the wrong way.’

I seriously think that he forgot the cameras were rolling and he gave his honest opinion on how he feels the female function. Those statements sparked more fire and the subject changed from abortion to rape almost instantly. As stated before, abortion is not a subject a man should even discuss.

No one should feel they have the right to tell someone else what they can do to their body. I can’t tell another women that she needs to remove her uterus just because I think she doesn’t need it anymore.

Morality and religion has nothing to do with it, simply because I don’t know the next woman’s morale or religion and to be frank, it’s not my business to know. Even if the information is offered, it’s still their business to do as they choose. Not to mention many religious individuals will support guns and alcohol, which clearly meant you chose the issue you wanted to judge others about by using religion. Not everyone is religious and you can’t make them become religious because you’re an elected official and have the power to create and change laws. Laws about my internal body is to evasive.

I think abortion is not a touchy subject because this is free country. Not free to break laws but free to do what you want with your body. The regulation of abortion is unfair to all women because we can birth a child. Men can’t, there isn’t anything on the male body that we can regulate or outlaw after they have conceived a child. Maybe sometime in the near future we may be able to, however it will still fall on the woman because she holds that child.

Now that my opinion is very clear, I have a good feeling I will be talking about this subject again in the future.

What’s your opinion? Is abortion a woman’s right or everyone else’s right?

Is my opinion wrong? If so I would love to hear why?

Thanks for listening!







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