As a child I wanted someone to hear me cry for help or even make me visible in this world. Any could do whatever they wanted to do to me as a child! I needed help but no one would rescue me. Although some could. But I didn’t get the help I needed.
Help someone today!

About the Book

The Real Verdict was written with children in mind. I felt I needed to be the voice for abused children that’s sitting in their homes feeling lost, lonely, and hopeless. No this is not a book that children should read however, parents, friends, families, teachers, brothers, sisters and anyone else that can help a child who may have those feelings. If just one person read my story and take something from it, and save that child or themselves then I’ve done what I set out to do.

Some may think, it may not change much by writing this book but, I want to change your mind with a true story and my reasons for doing this.

After I finished writing this book, I wanted everyone that knew me very well to read it, so they can know more about me and my past that I never talked about. I starting encouraging others to just read a little and it may change their life or someone else’s life. I went to a school in the area I previously lived and gave it to a teacher. She read the book and she loved it. She told me that I should feel good about writing the book and that I was courageous doing so. One particular chapter in the book really moved her in a great way. In that chapter I described my behavior as a child in pre-kindergarden and kindergarten, which is around the time my abuse began. It encouraged her to talk to her students the next day after she read the book. She talked to the class and let them know that, she was there for them to protect them from anyone that may cause them any harm. She told them that they could talk to her about anything when they needed. Well the next day she had one of her students to tell her that a family member had abused them. She didn’t tell me to what extent, but the child told her and never told the parents. She immediately followed the proper protocol for school officials reporting abuse. In the end, this child was saved from further abuse and the parents were made aware of the serious issue.

That’s the type of stories that encourage me to continue doing this and don’t fade away because someone doesn’t like the story or me and my life.

The Real Verdict

Book Description
A child doesn’t choose her lot in life; but, ultimately, she is the artisan of her destiny. Join Nitra Gipson as she poignantly illustrates this perspective by chronicling her life from early childhood to the present, and the hardships she had to endure during those times.

When she was a child, Nitra constantly nurtured her dream to achieve academic success, and this ambition was cultivated by her mother and uncles, who recognized her potential. Although Nitra recognized her own value as a human being, there were those among her family and acquaintances who constantly demoralized her. She lived in fear, and harbored a terrible secret of her own, silently enduring physical abuse at the hands of a family member while her desperate attempts to reveal the truth fell on deaf ears. Under threats and intimidation, she had to harbor her secret for years, until she finally faced her reality, found her voice, and ended the horror.

Despite this triumph, Gipson’s quest for personal freedom was far from over. At the age of 13, she witnessed her uncle’s high profile murder trial and subsequent execution. Five years later, she faced one of America’s most formidable corporate behemoths in the courtroom, striving to prove her innocence for a crime she did not commit.

Can an unassuming girl from Texas prevail against such a foe? Will the truth be served, or will the judgment result in a mockery of justice? Find out in The Real Verdict.

Author Bio
Nitra Gipson comes from Houston, Texas. She was raised in a dysfunctional family, and the repercussions of psychological, emotional, and physical abuse, sustained during her childhood nearly shattered her life. Living her private pain and her uncle’s tragic public death by execution galvanized her interest in the law and the workings of the legal system. In December, 2008, she graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. In the interim, she sued one of the nation’s largest corporate entities after being falsely accused of committing a felony while on its premises. A sizeable award ensued from the verdict in her favor. Nitra defines her success and personal accomplishments by her relationships with loved ones and supporters, most notably her mother, siblings, and fiancé, with whom she envisions a future filled with hope. The Real Verdict is her first book.

The Real Verdict can be purchased online and in the local bookstores.

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About nenesw

I'm 27 from Houston Texas and I don't ride horses. My first book published October 2012. I write to inspire and uplift others. I love to write my thoughts and read the thoughts of others! Send me reads. My book can be purchased online at, read it and tell me what you think!
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