Memoir Readers: Interview With Mirta Ines Trupp Author of: With Love, The Argentina Family


Author Mirta Trupp Discuss her Memoir: With Love, The Argentina Family!

About The Book

With Love, The Argentina Family ~ Memories of Tango and Kugel; Mate with Knishes is a unique account, enlightening and inspirational with its autobiographical genuineness. The story unfolds in the die goldene medina-America-sharing the insecurities and confusion of a young, immigrant girl. With a mother that never stops crying about The Argentina Family and a father who procures employment with an international airline, her life is divided in between her adopted country and her native land. Dramas and simchas (delights, joys) abound with a long distance, whirlwind relationship unfolding in the aftermath of Argentina’s “Dirty War”, including a frightening interrogation with the Argentine Police and an astonishing encounter at the American Consulate. Follow the sometimes comical, sometimes poignant trials and tribulations of a girl coming to terms with her Jewish heritage, her Argentine traditions and a fierce patriotism to her new country.

About The Author

With Love, The Argentina family is based on my experiences, at times seen through rose-colored glasses, construed through ignorance, misunderstanding or simply the naiveté that shelters a young girl. My recounting of these events does not mean to represent anyone else’s reality; they are reflections of my distinctive journey as an immigrant under considerably unique circumstances. Although countless of Argentine immigrants have come to the United States, many of them of mixed ethnicities, my story tells the tale of a multicultural girl who, because of her father’s employment, divided her life in between her homeland and her adopted country. The story of the whirlwind courtship that ensued could only have taken place under these circumstances.

Q: Where can readers find your book?

A: The book is available through my E-store on Createspace
The cost is $14.95 plus shipping and handling.

For added convenience, you may find the book on Amazon
It is also available on all Amazon channels, such as the European and Latin markets.

The ISBN# is: 978-1478205456

I also have a Facebook page which has additional information, interesting tidbits and photos.

Q: What was your true inspiration for your book?

A:I was inspired to write this book for a variety of reasons. I have three adult children and as I have watched them head out into the world, I wanted to give them a link- something that would remind them that wherever they end up going, whatever they choose to do with their lives, they will know that they came from this sturdy, loving, enduring stock made up of Jewish values, Russian ancestry, and Argentine culture. Having the good fortune of growing up in America, I hope that I have also instilled a sense of pride and gratitude.

In addition to that rather emotionally charged motivator, I was encouraged to write the story by friends and family; coworkers and fellow congregants- people who have continually said that my story was fascinating and enlightening. Recently, I found myself whiling away a few hours on a tour bus. My fellow passengers and I engaged in customary small talk…
“Where are you visiting from?”
“What is your name?”
“Murda? Marta? Myrna? Oh, Mirta…where are you from originally?”

My decision to write this memoir was validated once again as two lovely ladies, both teachers and lovers of history, genealogy and romance said, “That is the greatest story I ever heard! You should write a book!” Imagine my pride and sense of accomplishment when I turned to them both and said, “I did!” (They both ended up purchasing the book.)

Q: Is there a message you want to give your readers after they’ve read the book and what is that message?

A: Because the book is a memoir, the subject matter might seem to be limited to close family and friends; however with the advent of the multicultural genre, I believe that the general reading public can relate to the universal themes. The message is that family and culture are enduring; that self-reflection and self-identity are worthy of contemplation and of course, one must never give up hope, especially in matters of the heart!

Additionally, there is an educational component to this book. For fifty years, I have been answering questions, such as, “How come you speak Spanish but you are white?” and “How did Jews end up in Argentina?” Inevitably, the question of Nazis soon follows. Although the vast majority of Jews escaping Eastern Europe in the early 1900’s entered the United States, another mass exodus found their “New Jerusalem” in the Pampas of Argentina.

As I think about your question in depth, I believe that there is a very basic and human message of survival- the parental instinct of wanting to give their child a better life.

Q: Who would you recommend your book to?

A: Although one would think that the Jewish Argentine community would be the prime audience, I have found that my greatest compliments – my best reviews, are coming from the general public and most definitely, the non-Jew. People of color, or of mixed ethnicities, will identify with the struggle of finding oneself within the American tapestry.

The story recalls one incident that remained with me for quite some time. While in class, a particularly brash student shouted out, “She is too white to be Latina and to Latina to be Jewish!” Our society likes to put others in neat, little boxes; hence the stereotypical pictures we tend to formulate. We all know the consequences of stereotypes- kids in particular feel the sting of being pushed aside. I couldn’t help but feel confused with my own self-identity. Another chapter highlights this issue as the self-proclaimed, Latinas alienate the huera (white girl) while the main-stream, “popular” set with their Chemin de Fir jeans and their silky, straight, hair ostracize the ethnic geek wearing gaucho pants and a fringed, llama poncho.

My story will appeal to fans of history and genealogy, journeys- spiritual or otherwise and plain, old-fashioned romance and adventure. As the story unfolds, a series of events take place that create a singularly distinctive memoir, one that will entertain and enlighten a wide and diverse audience.

Q: What do you think makes your book unique?

A:With Love, The Argentina Family is a Creative Non-Fiction by genre; it is a memoir with a twist! Think of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” meets “Father Knows Best” meets “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret.” And for old movie buffs like myself, this book is a nod to such classics, as “I Remember Mama.” The story is a reflection of my distinctive journey as an immigrant under considerably unique circumstances. Although countless of Argentine immigrants have come to the United States, many of them of mixed ethnicities, not many can say that they wore out five passports before the age of twenty-two! Because of my dad’s fringe benefits from Pan American Airlines, we used to travel all the way down to South America on a drop of a hat…my mom would have our suitcases packed faster than Superman could stop a speeding bullet! My sister and I lived for ten years without truly having a “summer vacation.” Argentina is below the equator; when it’s summer here in the U.S., they are in the dead of winter! Later, as a budding romance intensified, so did the politics and governing powers. It was not necessarily the best time to be cris-crossing the continents. With so many colorful characters, exciting scenarios, and fascinating history, this absolutely is one, unique story!

Thank You Mirta for sharing your story!

Be sure to order a copy of Mirta’s book online!

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